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The Long Island Serial Killer: Anthony's Connection to the Case and His Weekend in the ER

52 Views· 06/05/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣The Long Island Serial Killer

Imagine finding a duffel bag filled with drugs, sex toys, horrific porn, and a blank DVD showing a potential murder. This shocking discovery leads to an extraordinary tale of corruption and illegal detainment involving a troubled youth and a corrupt cop. Join us as we unravel this gripping story and the fierce battle for justice that ensued.

From lighthearted debates about the communication styles of boys and girls to humorous personal anecdotes, our latest episode has something for everyone. We share the exciting news about our upcoming live show at Catholic Palooza in New Jersey and the launch of our new merchandise store. The journey continues with a hilarious recounting of a minor head injury and the dramatic reactions it sparked, offering listeners plenty of laughs along the way.

Our conversation takes a deeper turn as we explore moral desensitization, addiction, and the struggles of those in positions of authority. We discuss the intersection of the spiritual and physical realms, touching on angels, hell, and resurrection. Reflecting on modern skepticism and historical spiritual experiences, we also address contemporary issues like social media addiction and its consequences. With powerful testimonies and thought-provoking discussions, this episode promises an engaging exploration of faith, morality, and the human experience.



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