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Martinmas and St Martin's Lent - w/ Matthew Plese

37 Views· 11/09/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Have you ever wondered about the roots of St Martin's Lent, a season of fasting and prayer that is often overlooked in Catholic tradition? As we embark on this journey alongside Matthew, an expert on this meaningful period, prepare to understand the rich history, the significance of the traditional feast, and the nature of the fast during Saint Martin’s Lent. We'll shed light on the observance distinctions between Greek and Latin Churches and the vital role it plays in preparing us for the joy of Christmas.

Matthew guides us through the spiritual benefits of fasting, how it aids us in offering reparation for sin, and the practical aspects of observing a fast of one meal a day. Our conversation uncovers the inspiring story of St. Charles Borromeo's efforts to reintroduce Saint Martin's Lent in Milan, and we delve into the practicalities of managing hunger and distinguishing between a meal and a frustulum during this period. Get ready to be fascinated by the power of intentional fasting and prayer.

In the final stretch of our discussion, we reflect on the array of benefits fasting brings to our spiritual growth and society as a whole. We touch on the remarkable physical rewards of fasting and how habits like quitting smoking can enhance the process. We'll engage in an enlightening conversation about self-discipline, dedication, and the transformative power of prayer during St. Martin's Lent. Tune in to this compelling episode and be inspired to incorporate this heritage of fasting into your spiritual journey toward holiness.



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