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What They Didn't Tell You in Your Catholic RCIA Class...

58 Views· 04/01/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Are you a new convert? Did you just come into the Church yesterday? Here is everything that you weren't told in your Catholic RCIA class.

Sit back and join us on an enlightening journey as we welcome the new converts to our Catholic family! We'll share some inside jokes, celebrate milestones like Nick's six-year anniversary as a Catholic, and look back at the awe of the Easter Vigil – imagine a sea of candlelight and that moment of joy when the Gloria reveals the unveiled statues. And for those of you who might be worried, we promise not every Mass will stretch as long as the Vigil.

This episode isn't just about introductions; it's a deep exploration of where faith meets everyday life. We wade into the waters of political kingdoms, debating if Christ had plans for political influence and how pre-Vatican II teachings compare with today's Catholic approach. From Christendom to American liberalism, we unpack it all, including a conversation on the often misunderstood concept of Christian nationalism and our case for integralism. And let's not forget technology; could we be heading towards a life of bug diets and pod living? We debate the consequences of our digital dependencies, even as we ponder the purity of a life less connected.

Wrapping up, we understand that faith is also about community, and here we lay it all out for our fellow believers, especially the young adults and recent converts. Hear about our personal struggles with loneliness and how vital it is to build those bridges within the Church. We even offer practical advice for finding your spiritual footing through St. Francis de Sales' teachings. Plus, stay tuned for our potential sit-down with the author of "The Boniface Option," bringing a new yet familiar perspective to Catholic thought. Join us for this rich tapestry of faith, culture, and connection – it will be a soul-stirring ride.



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