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Vatican Auditor: "Cardinal Pell's Death Shrouded in Mystery"

84 Views· 07/03/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Vatican Auditor: "Cardinal Pell's Death Shrouded in Mystery"

Can you imagine a pilgrimage that takes you to the heart of Italy's spiritual treasures, from the Eucharistic miracles of Lanciano and Orvieto to the hidden gems of Rome and Loretto? Join us as we share our meticulous preparations for this incredible journey, shedding light on the challenges we face, especially when Rob is absent. We also delve into recent news stories, including the mass exodus from the German church and Cardinal Mueller's provocative homily, adding layers of depth and intrigue to our discussion.

Ever wonder why some saints remain incorruptible? We explore this fascinating phenomenon, pondering why these miracles aren't more widely known while also reflecting on the powerful faith they inspire. This episode wouldn't be complete without a deep dive into Cardinal Pell's trials, touching on his unjust accusations and ultimate vindication. We emphasize the importance of seeking the truth, cautioning against the automatic defense of clergy based solely on their conservative or orthodox stance.

The Vatican's current state under Pope Francis, including allegations of financial mismanagement and controversial practices, also takes center stage. We explore the mysterious and potentially foul play-laden death of Cardinal Pell, raising questions that echo the intrigue of a political thriller. From the broader societal issues like the reluctance to define antisemitism, racism, and homophobia, to the personal struggles stemming from the Ashley Madison hack, our conversation spans a wide array of pressing topics. Don't miss our reflections on John Paul II's "Theology of the Body," the debate between globalism and Christian nationalism, and the ever-evolving landscape of faith and societal transformation.



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