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Thy Kingdom Come: Rethinking Catholic Apologetics with Joshua Charles

76 Views· 02/21/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Join us with our special guest, Josh, as we pepper our discussion with laughter while rethinking Catholic apologetics. Ever wonder how the early church fathers might sway a Protestant's path? We share Josh's unexpected detours from Protestantism to the welcoming arms of Catholicism, stirred by the rich teachings of those who walked the faith before us.

Scripture is a tapestry, and in this episode, we thread the needle through the vibrant patterns of typology in the Old Testament. We weave the story of Jonah with the ministry of Jesus, demonstrating how these ancient narratives cast a prophetic shadow over the New Testament's revelation. And as we navigate through the labyrinth of biblical interpretation, we tackle the Catholic Church's bold claim to offer infallible guidance. The chessboard of theological debate is set, and we're questioning every move across the Protestant-Catholic divide, calling out for a higher caliber of discourse.

Fasten your seatbelts as we take a sharp turn into the dynamic terrain of salvation. It's not just about punching a ticket to heaven; we reveal how salvation is more akin to a transformative journey—cue the Eastern Catholic concept of theosis and the Latin idea of divinization. We also spin the "first century peasant test," challenging the notion that simplicity lacks depth in scriptural understanding. Tune in for a ride through theology that cuts through the noise to the heart of Christian unity.



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