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The Shroud of Turin & Recent Revelations on Its Carbon Dating - w/ Barrie Schwortz

59 Views· 09/20/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣What if the mysteries of an enigmatic relic could challenge the intersection of faith and science? Join us for a captivating conversation with Barrie Schwortz, the official photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) in 1978 and editor and publisher of www.shroud.com, as he unveils the mystifying world of the Shroud of Turin, its unique image formation, and the implications of its existence. Listen to Barrie as he discusses the startling revelation discovered during the Shroud photographic analysis at Sandia National Laboratory, which sparked a range of theories about the image formation mechanism of the Shroud.

Get ready to journey through time as we explore the changing landscape of photography since Secondo Pia's 1898 photograph of the Shroud. Barrie offers a fascinating look into his personal experiences working closely with this historical relic, including his fascinating examination of the image on the cloth using a 10x magnifying glass. As we venture deeper, you'll learn about the unique aspects of the Shroud that don't exist in a digital photograph, the intriguing surface phenomenon of the image, and the evidence that substantiates nothing was added to the cloth.

We end this journey with a compelling debate about the Shroud of Turin and its powerful impact on faith. Our exploration delves into the unusual lack of distortion in the Shroud image and its role in challenging worldviews. Hold onto your seats as we unpack the complex process of carbon dating, data gathering, and analysis, involving the controversy surrounding the Shroud's restoration. Packed with enlightening revelations and intriguing discussions, prepare for a deeper understanding of one of history's most captivating artifacts.



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dumblady 25 days ago

Thank you all, very informative talk,

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