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The Mission - Faith in Film w/ Fr Dave Nix Ep. 5

51 Views· 04/03/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Discover the intersection of faith and film, where controversy meets historical reflection, in our latest episode on the 1986 film, "The Mission." Our probing discourse with special guest Fr Dave Nix delves into the movie's portrayal of religious conflict, the erroneous narrative of liberation theology, and the complex interplay between church and state during a time of great upheaval and transformation.

As we scrutinize the ethical nuances presented in the film, we're drawn into a compelling examination of moral theology, contrasting the consequentialism depicted with steadfast Christian doctrine. Debates ignite over the portrayal of obedience and holiness, particularly within the Catholic Church's hierarchy. We find ourselves wrestling with the age-old struggle between adhering to vows and confronting moral quandaries, all while drawing connections to historical figures like Barabbas and the Zealots to deepen our understanding of the Church's enduring challenges.

We wrap up with heartfelt gratitude for our largest live audience yet and a look ahead brimming with promise. Preparing for future episodes, we anticipate engaging in more spirited debates and insightful film reviews that promise to enlighten and entertain. Our traditional Easter greeting, "Christ is risen. He is risen indeed, alleluia," echoes as a clarion call for all our listeners to join the ongoing dialogue where the tenets of faith and the artistry of cinema converge in a tapestry of historical and contemporary reflection.



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