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The Glory of the Crusades: How the Church Saved the World

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Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣The Glory of the Crusades: How the Church Saved the World

What if everything you thought you knew about the Crusades was wrong? Join us for an enlightening episode where we sit down with celebrated author Steve Weidenkopf to uncover the true motivations behind these historical events. Through meticulous research involving primary sources like contemporary chronicles and insights from esteemed historians, Steve provides a comprehensive narrative that challenges popular misconceptions. You'll gain a fresh perspective on the First Crusade, the timing of which was orchestrated by Pope Urban II in 1095, leading to the pivotal liberation of Jerusalem in 1099.

We look closer at the real driving forces behind the Crusaders' actions, revealing that spiritual rather than material motivations propelled many, including firstborn sons, who sacrificed their assets for the cause. With fascinating stories about figures like Duke Godfrey of Bouillon and accounts of reputed divine interventions, this episode also addresses the darker aspects, including the controversial atrocities committed by Crusaders. Understand the broader historical context of the Crusades, their impact on the Islamic world, and how these events shaped the course of Western civilization.

You'll also hear a critical analysis of how modern media has depicted the Crusades, comparing flawed portrayals in films like "Kingdom of Heaven" to more accurate representations such as the Swedish miniseries "Arn: The Knight Templar." Our discussion extends to the complex legacy of St. Bernard and his involvement in the Second Crusade, as well as the transformative influence of Christianity on Western legal and cultural development. Tune in for a rich, nuanced conversation that promises to shed new light on one of history's most misunderstood periods.

Book by Steve Weidenkopf: ⁣https://www.amazon.com/Glory-C....rusades-Steve-Weiden



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