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The Future of the Coalition for Canceled Priests - w/ Fr Lovell

79 Views· 06/30/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Ever wondered what goes behind the scenes of a conference? Join us as we reminisce about our recent conference experience with Father Lovell. We touch on some incredible talksand personal anecdotes. This conference was brimming with notable personalities like Father Dave Nix, Father James Altman, Kennedy Hall, Father Vaughn Treco, Father Clay Hunt, and John-Henry Westen, each of whom added their own charm and wit to the proceedings. And did we mention the memorable dinner with Kennedy and Eric Sammons at a restaurant where Father Lovell had spent five years of his life as a server after being canceled as a priest?

We then shift gears to tackle a serious issue plaguing the Church - the cancellation of priests. Father Lovell’s organization, the Coalition for Canceled Priests, is working tirelessly to defend the rights of priests and bring justice to light. Grab your earphones as Father Lovell opens up about the ground realities of the stigma surrounding priests who have been pulled from ministry and the challenges they face in their daily lives. You will hear about Father Lovell's own struggles and the formation of his organization, the Coalition for Canceled Priests.

We wrap up by talking about the importance of a younger generation of Catholic speakers and the need to drop the adjectives in front of the word Catholic. This episode is not just a deep insight into the lives of priests but also a testament to their resilience and camaraderie. So, tune in, lend an ear, and let's embark on this enlightening journey together.



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mmmills 1 year ago

Hope to make it to next year’s conference!

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