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The Catholic Church in America as Seen from Abroad - w/ Robert Nugent

61 Views· 11/19/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Have you considered how the rest of the world sees the Catholic Church in America? Have you ever wondered what's causing division among Catholics and how we can achieve unity? In today’s episode, we tackle this very topic. With a candid discussion on the rising tribalism within the Catholic community, we underline the importance of humility and communication, with one main collective goal - to get everyone to Heaven. We also scrutinize how the Church is failing to pass on the gospel effectively to the younger generation and explore the significant role Catholic bloggers are playing in disseminating faith.

We welcome our guest Robert, who lays bare his views on the controversial topic of Međugorje, the grace that exists within it, and how God can manifest through even contentious visionaries. Unpacking controversial behaviors of some bishops and the Vatican's leniency towards them, we compare the Vatican's contrasting treatment of Archbishop Lefebrve and Bishop Strickland, posing tough questions on the inconsistency in their approach.

Expect miraculous stories too, as we recount the extraordinary events that led to the establishment of a Men's Prayer Group in Derry, Ireland, involving a rosary from Medjugorje and a car accident. This episode promises to be a melting pot of faith, controversy, miracles, and more. Tune in and let's navigate these waters together.



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