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The Alien Deception - "Only Man Bears His Image" by Daniel O'Connor

136 Views· 10/25/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Are you falling for the alien deception? Author Daniel O'Connor joins us to discuss his newest book, "Only Man Bears His Image: The Biblical, Catholic, & Scientific Case Against Aliens, UFO Deceptions, Sentient AI, and Other Sci-Fi Disguised Demons & Psyops Heralding the Antichrist." We're plunging into the depths of spiritual warfare and the struggles Daniel encountered during his writing process. We'll be putting the Catholic perspective on aliens - or the lack thereof - under a microscope, with insights into the influence of figures like Yuval Harari. From an exploration of SETI's mission to a mention of the mystery of Project Bluebeam, expect a stimulating intellectual journey.

As we reach the climax of our conversation, we'll pose some existential questions. What happens when false revelations from extraterrestrials infiltrate the church, leading to the worship of false intelligences? How do we balance man-made theories with faith? And how do scripture and science coexist in our understanding of the world around us? It's a rollercoaster of ideas and perspectives that will challenge your perceptions and ignite a spark of curiosity. So, buckle up and join us as we dissect these compelling topics and more!




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JoanofArk 4 months ago

He speaks my language! I cant wait to start the book. Such a good Catholic writer.

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jmjorapronobis 6 months ago

Excellent interview on important topics! It would be interesting to have Daniel on to discuss what he has written about Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. I know nothing about her except that Daniel also wrote books connected to her in some manner.

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JoanofArk 4 months ago

Get his book ThyWill Be Done! Talks about Luisa in there. Its an amazing book. They should do an interview on that book. The book is an Interior Life changer. 1

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