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"As were the days of Noah..." - Scientists Grow Model of Human Embryo

52 Views· 09/08/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣We dive head-first into the waters of faith and religion. A subterranean tremor seems to be shaking the very foundations of the Catholic Church, spurred by Pope Francis' stance on social redistributionism and climate change. Will this lead to a seismic shift within the Church? We further discuss the Seattle Archdiocese's move to consolidate parishes by asking pastors to resign and the potential implications of such a decision. The quest for religious unity and the Church's stance on immigration, rights, and free speech all form part of our intense discourse.

Lastly, we examine the polarizing political climate in the U.S, drawing chilling parallels with the Spanish Civil War. Issues surrounding illegal migrants entering the U.S also come under our radar. We wrap up the episode with an introspective look at the feedback we've received on our podcast, and how it's shaping our journey. So, whether you're a climate change skeptic, a devout Catholic, a political pundit, or just someone seeking a diverse platter of discussions, we promise you an episode full of stimulating conversations and poignant insights.



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jmjorapronobis 6 months ago

The current "shepherds" insist on opening all the gates to the sheepfold to let the wolves in for some "constructive dialogue" with the sheep.

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