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Pope Francis & the Prophets of the New Religion - w/ Michael Hichborn

72 Views· 09/06/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Are you prepared to explore the insane heresies and dive into the controversial theories of Teilhard de Chardin? Embark on this enlightening journey with our guest, Michael Hichborn, as we explore the profound impact of de Chardin's theories on the evolution of the universe and evolution of God, his contentious beliefs around Original Sin, and his encounter with the "spirit of the world" in the Ordos desert in Mongolia. We don’t shy away from the big questions - was this encounter with the spirit demonic?

Intrigued by the mythology of Pachamama, and its association with human sacrifice? We dig into the ancient practices and beliefs surrounding this deity, and the current perspectives of various individuals, including Pope Francis. Hichborn offers insights into a prayer to Pachamama, penned by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Italy, and we delve into the complex history of a former Catholic tribal leader who reintroduced banned tribal practices. We also illuminate the ties between these practices and the concepts of liberation theology and communism.

The dialogue takes an unexpected turn as we connect the dots between modernist belief in the 'evolution of doctrine' and the transgender movement. We bring light to the symbolism of Lucifer as the first 'trans being' and its association with Pachamama. Examining the role of women in religion, we dive into the implications of the male-only priesthood, the influence of women in the Anglican Church, and the newest pastoral letter of Bishop Strickland. This conversation promises to be thought-provoking and engaging – you won’t want to miss it.



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jmjorapronobis 8 months ago

I couldn't find the link for it on SpiritusTV, but here's the YouTube link to a talk by Fr. Wolfe about Teilhard de Chardin: https://youtu.be/fJylbJSNSZs?si=ZCrgtsMnnOPHre2x

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kaybol 8 months ago

terrific episode ! ! ! hoping and praying Catholics can find and listen - am trying to invite people to listen

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