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Politics as the Real Religion of American "Conservatives"

24 Views· 09/01/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Have you and your wife ever had an argument over putting mulch in your yard, only to end up with a hilarious story to tell? Well, Anthony sure has, and it's just one of the amusing anecdotes we share in this episode. We keep things light and engaging as we delve into various topics, including World Youth Day and the SSPX. However, it's not all chuckling and ribbing, we also take a moment to appreciate the trials and tribulations that come with married life - it's love, just with an added dash of craziness.

"From the ridiculous to the sublime," as they say, we make a pivot to some weighty issues, such as the impact of politics on religion and the controversy surrounding the recent arrests and convictions of pro-life activists. How do we reconcile the return of ancient forms of pagan and demonic worship in our modern world? Have modern "conservatives," including Catholics, made politics into an idol that they worship? We take these questions head-on - politics, religion, and controversy - we're unafraid to tread where others may shy away.

Whether you're here for the laughs or the enlightening discussions, this episode is sure to leave you feeling entertained and inspired. Tune in now!



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