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Navigating the Path from Opioid Addiction to the Catholic Faith

76 Views· 02/10/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣When Levi's life was engulfed by the shadows of opioid addiction, an unexpected beacon of hope emerged through his embrace of faith. Journey with us as Levi recounts his transformation from the clutches of substance abuse and addiction to the sanctuary of Catholicism, sharing the intimate details of his conversion and his upcoming Easter conversion in a family brimming with diverse religious influences. His story navigates the intersections of Baptist beginnings, Methodist transitions, and the allure of Catholic media, offering a vivid portrait of personal redemption and spiritual discovery.

As our conversation meanders through Levi's life, we uncover the unexpected catalysts that have shaped his faith: the poetic musings of his future wife and the robust debates on Lutheran theology that steered him towards the Catholic Church. The intricacies of familial dynamics come to light as Levi reflects on integrating into his children's Catholic lineage and the quest for a church that resonates as home. This episode doesn't shy away from tough questions or avoid the nuanced debates that challenge and enrich our understanding of religion in the modern context.

Levi's channel, TruthWorthy: https://www.youtube.com/@levipingleton-cv1fg



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