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My Name is Philomena - w/ author Fr Peregrine Fletcher, OPraem

57 Views· 08/04/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Are you ready to embark on an enlightening spiritual journey with us? Join us as we converse with Father Peregrine Fletcher, author of an intriguing book from TAN Publishing on St. Philomena (My Name is Philomena: A Saint's Story) and a Norbertine priest, who shares his riveting journey to the Norbertine Abbey and beyond. This episode takes us through the inspiring life and martyrdom of St. Philomena, a Greek princess, her courage, faith, and profound influence as a powerful intercessor that continues to inspire us today. A special mention to young men and women struggling with chastity - St. Philomena's story might just be the guide you need.

We continue our voyage into the world of early Christianity, dissecting the sacrifices of St. Thomas Beckett for his faith and how the early church managed to spread with a solid Catholic faith. The differences between the traditional practice of Communion on the tongue and the current modern practice are also laid bare. A thought-provoking discussion awaits you, that may leave you pondering about current church practices and their alignment with the teachings of early Christianity.

All this and more await you in this episode. So, sit back, relax, and allow us to transport you into a world of faith, perseverance, and unwavering love for Christ, with the teachings of St. Philomena and Father Peregrine Fletcher's journey serving as the guiding light.

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