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Meditations for Lent 2024 - Day 39 - A Sign of Contradiction

9 Views· 03/23/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Make Lent of 2024 edifying with daily meditations for Lent from the famous French orator, Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet.

Why do hearts resist the divine, even when miracles unfold before their eyes? This Palm Sunday eve, we grapple with the paradox of belief and skepticism, inspired by Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet's "Meditations for Lent." In a rare unedited live session, nestled amidst the aromatic blend of morning cigars and coffee, my linguistic stumbles seem to echo humanity's own faltering steps towards faith. We examine the stirring gospel accounts, including the resurrection of Lazarus, and the challenges Jesus faced with the hardened hearts of the Pharisees—a testament to the complex interplay between witnessing the miraculous and the decision to believe.

As our Lenten journey nears its crescendo, we confront the unsettling question: if Jesus's miracles were so evident, why didn't the whole world believe? This episode isn't just another scripture reading; it's an intimate exploration of the human heart's profound attachment that often blinds us to the divine. Join me, without edits or filters, in a contemplation that might just reveal the thoughts of many hearts, including our own. From unexpected family interruptions to an immersion in biblical wisdom, this is a live session that promises a connection to the spiritual struggles and triumphs that have echoed through the ages.



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