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Keith Nester's Conversion Story: From Protestant Pastor to Passionate Catholic

55 Views· 08/11/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣We're opening up an intimate conversation with Keith, a former Protestant pastor who underwent a transformative conversion to Catholicism. Keith's intriguing narrative paints a raw picture of his internal struggles with shifting religious beliefs and the effect it had on his life and relationships. He shares his profound experiences from his pilgrimage to Medjugorje, which played a significant role in his conversion process by shifting him from skepticism to a fervent believer.

Our conversation also explores the interplay between traditional Catholicism and Protestantism, providing insights into why Catholic listeners are so drawn towards conversion stories from Protestantism. We highlight the admirable aspects of the Protestant community - their profound love for scriptures and their close-knit bonds, which present valuable lessons for Catholics. The conversation takes a light-hearted twist as we discuss the importance of laughter and joy in bearing witness to the Catholic faith.

As we wind up this enlightening episode, we offer some guidance for converts and those grappling with their faith. Trust, obedience, and the beauty of centuries-old rituals are emphasized. We particularly draw attention to the significance of confession and the trust we need to place in God's grace and mercy. Finally, we reflect on the impact our discussion has had on our listeners, relishing the touching feedback. So buckle up for an invigorating discussion that spans faith, transformation, and the journey of a Protestant pastor's dive into the heart of Catholicism.



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