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Introit - Statuit ei Dominus | Gregorian Chant

98 Views· 07/01/22
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⁣This Gregorian Chant is the Introit for the Mass of a Confessor Bishop, from the Common of the Saints. The Catholic Church is in desperate need of holy priests and bishops (and popes) who will stand up and FIGHT heresy, preach TRUE doctrine, and feed their sheep and lambs with the life giving Sacraments of the Church at any cost to themselves. May all our holy bishop and pope saints of the past pray for us!
For an exposition/analysis on how this chant (or any chant) can be a "musical sermon," check this video: https://youtu.be/E25hPwhEy_g
Lord, grant us priests. Lord grant us holy priests. Lord grant us many holy priests and religious vocations!

⁣English translation:
The Lord made unto him a covenant of peace,
and made him a prince,
that the dignity of the priesthood should be to him forever.
⁣Verse: Remember, David, O Lord; and all his meekness.

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