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Psalm 90/91 | Tract: Qui habitat - Gregorian Chant

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On the first Sunday of Lent, the text for all of the propers for the Mass are taken from Psalm 90/91 but the Tract sings the entire psalm - save 3 verses. In the Gospel for this Sunday we also read about Christ's 40 day fast in the desert, at the end of which He was tempted by Satan three times. In one of these Satan tempts our Lord to pride by taking him to the pinnacle of the temple and telling him to jump off, for the angels will protect Him, quoting a verse from this Psalm 90. Christ then quotes from another verse of Holy Scripture to show him 'thou shalt not tempt God'. All in all, many of the Fathers of the Church and Desert Fathers tell us that using scripture can be an efficacious way of combatting temptations - in imitation of Our Lord - and that this Psalm is particularly helpful. The drone in this recording is not created using any synths or pitch correction tools to drop my voice. I actually did sing that low... granted, I was sick at the time, so that helped. ;)

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