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I Confess - Faith in Film w/ Fr Dave Nix Ep. 4

56 Views· 03/01/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Fr Nix joins us to discuss the Alfred Hitchcock 1953 classic, "I Confess" starring Montgomery Clift and Anne Baxter.

Embark on a cinematic pilgrimage with us as we traverse the intersection of faith and film, uncovering the spiritual nuances within a 1953 classic that continues to resonate today. Father David Nix enriches the dialogue as we scrutinize Father Logan, a character whose steadfast commitment to the seal of confession anchors a suspenseful murder mystery. Through this lens, we tackle the incarnational nature of sacraments and the ethical conundrums they pose, offering you a thought-provoking exploration of the theological implications of cinematic storytelling.

Step away from the predictable narratives of old-time cinema and join us for a session that surprises and enlightens. Our discussion extends beyond the screen to question societal perceptions of priesthood, celibacy, and the complexities of priestly fraternity. As the episode unfolds, we illuminate the trials of characters that challenge contemporary issues of faith, transporting you into the heart of a narrative that's as much about the human condition as it is about the divine.

In anticipation of our next venture into "Becket," we confess our gratitude to Father Nix for deepening the conversation and to you, our listeners, for partaking in this spiritual odyssey with us. Stay tuned and enriched as we prepare to dissect another film that promises to stir the soul and provoke the mind. So, grab your favorite classic film and join the ongoing discourse that bridges the sacred and the profane.



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