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Former Green Beret John Frankman Fights Tyranny

50 Views· 11/08/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣This episode with John Frankman takes you on a journey with us as we meander through topics such as Rob Schneider's conversion, the new Netflix docuseries called "Mysteries of the Faith, and, finally, the story of former Green Beret John Frankman. We also chat on our new initiative to get our audience more involved by inviting people for brief on-screen chats.

As we move along, we dive deep into the contrasts of secular and religious perspectives in contemporary documentaries and their impact on society. We exchanged views on Rob's disagreement with the Netflix documentary, our shared appreciation of the beauty it showed, and the traditions surrounding the veneration of relics. This thought-provoking discussion explores the tensions between the Protestant Reformation's iconoclasm and the present-day phenomenon of Catholics tearing down their own culture.

As we approach the show's midpoint, we bring on former Army special forces Green Beret John Frankman. John tells his story of how he had to choose his moral and religious beliefs over service to his nation in the military. We discuss the political indoctrination currently happening in the country and its impact on military readiness. We also share advice for families with sons intending to join the military and express our concerns about vaccine mandates. This episode offers an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion that many listeners grappling with similar situations will find resonating.




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Sydney 6 months ago

Many officers and Noncommissioned officers broke because they did not want to receive a gomar, loose their position (which effects key development time), and get threatened to be kicked out any second every month.

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