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Defending Catholicism under Pope Francis (with Erick Ybarra)

101 Views· 02/02/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣As we sit down with Erick Ybarra to discuss Catholicism under Pope Francis, we also chart a course through the laugh-lines of life's script into the heart of theological discourse, exploring how personal beliefs evolve over time and the bridges built between diverse Christian traditions.

Wading through the rich waters of Christian doctrine with Erick, our dialogue sets sail from the authoritarian shores of Baptist leadership to the more enigmatic terrain of Anglicanism and finally anchors in the haven of Catholicism. We don't just skim the surface of religious practices; we plunge into the undercurrents that shape them.

Our expedition doesn't end at the port of doctrinal discovery; we navigate the oft-tumultuous seas of modern Catholic discourse. From dissecting the evolution of apologetics and examining the roots of papal authority to weighing the controversies surrounding Pope Francis's papacy, our candid conversations shine a beacon on the internal dynamics that challenge and shape faith communities. So, join us as we chart a path through the questions and quandaries that bind us all in the quest for understanding, wrapped in a spirit of respect, humor, and intellectual curiosity.



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