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Challenging Conversations: Controversy, Catholicism, and Christian Empathy - w/ Joe Gallagher

48 Views· 07/06/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Ever had a good laugh over a car-parking debacle? Well, join us as we look back on a humorous incident while drawing comparisons between the buttoned-up newsroom attitude and our laid-back atmosphere. Along with our special guest, Joe Gallagher, we examine the shifting norms in broadcasting, appreciating the relaxed vibe of podcasting that feels like a friendly chat.

In a world where people often choose to film rather than intervene in dangerous situations, we raise a thought-provoking question: why are we becoming voyeurs, prioritizing recording over helping? Together with Joe, we also delve into the profound influence of music on our morals and beliefs.

In the concluding chapter of our conversation, we venture into a thoughtful analysis of today's culture and its impact on spirituality. Coping with cultural complexities, we share an inspiring story of Joshua Charles, a convert who embraced the Church during Easter 2019. We explore the power of the traditional Latin Mass within Catholicism and examine the concept of religious discrimination through the lens of recent Google's Pride events. Tune in to our lively discussion on controversial issues, where we highlight Christian empathy and our emotional responses to these issues. An engaging conversation awaits you, one that will certainly provoke thoughts and offer fresh perspectives.



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