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Cardinal Dolan Criticized by Both Sides for St Pat's "Funeral"

58 Views· 02/24/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣This episode takes you from the recent controversy surrounding Cardinal Dolan to the solemn bedside of a family in Oklahoma, grasping at hope during their child's medical struggle. We navigate the harmony and discord between faith and science, confronting the Catholic stance on creation and excavating the symbolism buried in Genesis. The episode is steeped not only in theological debates but also in human stories that will clutch at your heartstrings.

Fatherhood, rites of passage, and the shifting role of masculinity in society are placed under a microscope as we converse with our esteemed guests about building men of virtue amidst a culture grappling with identity. We analyze the present trials of the Church, including the rising tide of female leadership and the urgency for clerical accountability, especially in regard to the Dolan controversy. The ebb and flow of tradition and modernity within Catholicism are candidly discussed, setting the stage for a rich and multifaceted dialogue that stretches from past to present and gazes into the future.

Finally, we embrace the reflective season of Lent, sharing the intimate challenges and triumphs of fasting and spiritual transformation. We connect the dots between current events, moral dilemmas, and their portrayal in popular media, leading to an in-depth dissection that ventures beyond the surface. The episode concludes by fostering a sense of camaraderie among listeners, celebrating the diverse tapestry of voices who find solace and strength in shared faith. Join us for an episode that promises to enlighten, provoke thought, and perhaps even transform.



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Kathrynprayerwarrior 4 months ago

The best example men is …. The Holy Family

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