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Be Prepared to Give a Defense w/ Trent Horn & Joshua Charles

74 Views· 04/17/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Embark on a profound journey with Trent Horn and Joshua Charles through the crossroads of faith and modernity as we grapple with questions that dance on the edges of sacred and secular worlds. Feel the pulse of our conversations around doctrinal unity, the challenges of content creation, and the nuanced dance with Gen Z's fervor for religious discourse, peppered with personal stories that bring these lofty ideas down to earth.

Wrestle alongside us with the heavyweights of evolution, technology's impact on spiritual practice, and the delicate art of maintaining authenticity in a world quick to judge. We navigate through the treacherous waters of societal perceptions of authority, the longing for mentorship, and the dark undercurrents of humor that risk the sacredness of our beliefs. Our episode is a tapestry of critical thinking, earnest reflection, and a steadfast commitment to truth woven with threads of laughter and shared humanity.

Finally, join us as we step into the arena of contentious topics such as anti-Semitism, cultural preservation, and the role of mentorship within the Catholic tradition. Through candid discussions, we scrutinize the fine lines between humor and offense, the broad strokes of bias, and the quest for unity amidst a mosaic of beliefs.



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