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Are our bishops tools of the WEF?

53 Views· 03/15/24
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Tonight, we ask the question, "Are our bishops tools of the WEF, US government, and other global elites?" When whispers of misconduct within the walls of so-called Catholic organizations reach our ears, it demands a closer look. Michael Hichborn, a dedicated investigator, joins us to unravel a tangled web of controversy involving Catholic Relief Services and its connections to groups that challenge the Church's core teachings.

Our dialogue with Michael takes a sharp turn as we expose Catholic Relief Services' (CRS) conflicting actions against Catholic doctrine, particularly in relation to condom use. With an eye-opening document from CRS as our guide, we traverse the difficult landscape of accountability and how too few bishops are taking a stand by withdrawing support. This segment is a testament to the ongoing struggle to ensure that religious organizations walk their talk, especially when the well-being of the faithful is at stake.

The episode reaches its crescendo with the unearthing of a CRS document from Cameroon, promoting sexual practices among youth that starkly contrast with Catholic values. Michael's findings raise the alarm on CRS's potential involvement in projects supporting abortion, a revelation that's bound to stir discomfort and outrage. As we conclude, the conversation becomes a clarion call for personal responsibility and the crucial importance of informed charity. Our journey through these revelations challenges listeners to reflect on the impact of their contributions and the moral obligations of those who act in the name of humanitarian aid.



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