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All Roads Lead to Schism - w/ Kennedy Hall

74 Views· 11/30/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣We promise you an episode that will fuel your thoughts and spark a lively conversation about traditionalism, the Catholic faith, and its many challenges in the modern world. Our guest for this episode is Kennedy Hall, a former Catholic school teacher who stood up for his beliefs and is now crafting a new path, away from the classroom but with his faith still firmly in place. Hear his story, from facing backlash for teaching the Catholic faith to his bold stance on feminism— a journey that has led him to success on this new path.

We then turn the spotlight on traditionalism, sharing personal experiences and observations from our time at Novus Ordo parishes. We question how evolution fits with Catholicism and express our firm stand on creationism over theistic evolution. As we delve into the story of Kennedy's exit from the Catholic school system, we also take a closer look at the pressures and compromises that most Catholic professionals face for the sake of job security and financial stability.

We wrap up the episode by discussing the current state of the papacy, the controversy surrounding it, and the unsettling idea of a Pope-less Catholic Church. Our conversation further takes us to the topic of SSPX and Orthodox Church legitimacy, providing our insights on why the SSPX remains unscathed by Church politics. So, buckle up for an enlightening discussion on faith, its challenges, and its triumphs.



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jmjorapronobis 7 months ago

As a Catholic school religion teacher I can really relate to what Kennedy described. What he described was basically the hell I lived in for a number of years at the first "Catholic" school I taught at. Being called to the principal's office on a weekly basis for offenses such as quoting the Bible or the CCC, parents being angry about students having to pray at the start of each class, etc. I almost left the teaching profession over it (and can definitley sympathize with Kennedy's decision). Fortunately, I have since found a MUCH better Catholic school to work for.

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JLyons0121 7 months ago

Pray for me that I can move past lending any implicit credence to evolution. I used to be a fan of archaeology and genetics but I know much current literature in both fields are incompatible with the Truth.

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