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2023 Year in Review (with Anthony Stine and Matt Gaspers)

79 Views· 12/27/23
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣2023 Year in Review - Embarking on a journey through the digital Catholic landscape, Anthony Stine and Matt Gaspers join us to look at the last year in review.

As we dissect recent controversies rocking the Church, the conversation veers into the delicate waters surrounding the traditional Latin Mass, the scrutinizing gaze of government agencies on 'radical traditionalist Catholics', and the polarizing figures of Bishop Strickland and Pope Francis. These discussions lead us to ponder the necessity for a modern-day Inquisition to address clergy issues, the contentious idea of declaring Pope Francis an anti-pope, and the complexities of progressivism within the Church. With a contemplative eye, we forecast what the Synod on Synodality might spell for the Church's future while also touching on the potential repercussions of ecclesiastical censures as we inch closer to 2024.

The episode is not just a reflection but a vision cast into the future, inviting listeners to engage with the ongoing dialogue of faith, challenge, and the steadfast pursuit of understanding within the Catholic Church. Join Anthony, Matt, and us as we unfurl these tales and prognostications, promising a blend of introspection and forward-thinking analysis.




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