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Transgender Insanity Has Real World Consequences

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Date – Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 – Blessed John Felton

1. In 1570, St. Pius V issued a Bull excommunicating Queen Elizabeth I of England for heresy and illegitimate rule.

2. Despite objections, St. Pius V hesitated before signing the Bull, which declared Elizabeth guilty of various offenses against the Church.

3. The Bull was posted on the doors of the Bishop of London's palace on May 24, 1570.

4. Catholic insurrections against Elizabeth's rule failed, and many were executed.

5. John Felton, a nobleman with a strong Catholic faith, took action to spread awareness of the excommunication by posting the Bull in a provocative location.

6. The news of the excommunication spread through word-of-mouth in London, igniting discussions among various social classes.

7. Felton was denounced, imprisoned, and tortured for his attempt to depose Elizabeth.

8. He heroically endured torture without revealing names of collaborators.

9. On the scaffold before his execution, Felton publicly denied Elizabeth's right to the throne but sent her a jewel to show lack of personal hatred.

10. Blessed John Felton's steadfastness in the face of torture and death serves as an inspiring example of fidelity to the Catholic cause.

Blessed John Felton, pray for us!

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When someone uses the OH MY GOD statement. I say Praise be His Holy Name. I dare you to say it.

And – at 15 past the hour, Transgender Insanity has real world consequences

Also – at 30 past the hour, Mark Houck for Congress

Oh Yeah – at 45 past the hour, Minnesota babies who survive abortions no longer entitled to lifesaving medical care

Plus – in the next hour,
As always – we have the fear and trembling game show with a prize from

Prayers of Emily Esserman and her daughter Siena

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