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The New Nation- Episode 010- The One with E Michael Jones

42 Views· 02/20/24
E. Michael Jones
E. Michael Jones
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E. Michael Jones joins the show where he and Mike discuss the lies, truths and propaganda of the Jewish Holocaust of the second World War. They also spend the 2nd half of the show discussing Catholicism in America.
Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfkyxZTf770
NOW AVAILABLE! The Holocaust Narrative: https://www.fidelitypress.org/....the-holocaust-narrat

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Mruffing 2 months ago

Good conversation. I watch anything EMJ is on and was happy to find The New Nation gentlemen.

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Alex 2 months ago

How can Catholics be outside the Church by believing what the Church taught for approximately 1,960 years? Is it possible for someone to follow Francis out of the Church by worshipping a Pachamama idol during the Amazon synod? If a Catholic destroyed a Pachamama idol at St. Peter's basilica would that make them schismatic? Some people say you can ignore the Pontiff's scandalous actions/statements but am I allowed to adhere to them? I think your criticism of orthodox, traditional Catholics is misplaced. We're not trying to be Pope, we just acknowledge that the magisterium is older than 60 years and we don't believe in abrogation like the muslims. That which was sacred will always be sacred.

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