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St Patrick's Breastplate Prayer

24 Views· 11/01/23
Lisa Knobel
Lisa Knobel
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I have fallen in love with the St Patrick's Breastplate prayer. It just seems to cover every situation in life and wrap you in the power of God to overcome it. It is said that St Patrick sung this prayer while traveling and it protected him and his companions from some highwaymen. I looked for sung versions, but the irish tunes are difficult to learn and most sung versions do not include the full prayer.

I struggled for a while to find a way to make this into a song, but just could never get it to work. I knew it needed to be in 6/8 in homage to its Irish heritage. But, it wasn't until I learned the Blues progressions, that I found a formula that would work for this prayer. I think the Blues really lends itself to a walking song of prayer. It doesn't hold you to this melody. You can allow the Holy Ghost to inspire you to fit the melody chord progressions to your prayer intentions. It is just one interpretation, I hope yours is better!

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