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Q&A with Fr Ripperger (2022 International Conference on Gregorian Chant)

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Lecture which precedes this Q&A: ⁣⁣https://spiritustv.com/watch/f....r-ripperger-gregoria

This Q&A with Fr Chad Ripperger was pre-recorded for the world's first online International Conference on Gregorian Chant and originally aired on Oct 1, 2022. Because this recording took place over Zoom with less-than-perfect internet connection, there are occasional glitches in the video/audio. Fr Ripperger is the founder and superior of an order of exorcists (Society of Our Most Sorrowful Mother, aka Doloran Fathers) according to the traditional rite of exorcism, with a PHD in Thomistic Philosophy, a Masters in Theology, and is a personal friend.

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