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New to the TLM? 3 Resources for Beginners (if you feel lost and struggle to follow along)

264 Views· 02/28/23
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Prayer and Productivity
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⁣Do you ever feel lost or confused during the Traditional Latin Mass? Or Maybe a friend or loved one feels discouraged because they keep losing their place when following along in the Missal and don’t feel confident about when to sit, stand or kneel. Also switching back and forth between the High and Low Mass can lead to some confusion, for adults and children alike.

In this video, I will share with you 3 helpful resources for following along and participating in the Mass, with much more clarity, less confusion and a greater appreciation for each part of the Mass.

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Baronius Press Guide for when to Sit, Stand and Kneel:


“Treasure and Tradition” book:


Biretta Books “Latin Mass Companion”- a new, easy to follow missal


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