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Prayer and Productivity
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⁣Take a look inside and see some of our traditional Catholic family’s favorite scriptural Rosary books!

00:00 Intro
00:40 Option #1
01:52 ⁣Option #2
03:38 ⁣Option #3
04:11 ⁣Option #4
04:53 ⁣Option #5
05:47 ⁣Option #6
06:46 ⁣Option #7
08:05 Recap/Summary
09:05 Do you know of any other great Scriptural Rosary books?

Please share your thoughts or any questions in the comments!

God bless you!

Prayer and Productivity
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⁣Looking for the best catholic resources on the four temperaments?…(sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic and choleric)

I will show you some of the best resources for learning more about the subject, including specific videos from Sensus Fidelium, and a book by Fr Ripperger are among those recommended in this video.

These resources can help you become a better parent, spouse and, most importantly, they can help you discern your predominant fault, major vices, as well as discover the complementary virtues that can help you overcome them!

This video is made by a traditional Catholic homeschooling mom of 6 children.

Below is the link to the Sensus Fidelium video about the 4 Temperaments that is mentioned in the video:

If you know of any more good catholic resources on the four temperaments (or for overcoming one’s predominant fault), please share them in the comments below!

Thanks for watching!

Prayer and Productivity
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⁣📕 In this video I will share with you several of my favorite TLM (Traditional Latin Mass) Missals, in particular, my top pick for moms with babies and toddlers. I will also give you a look inside these my Baronius Press Missal, Angelus Press Missal, Benedictus and NEW FIND by Biretta Books!

As a brief background, I am a mom of 6 and have been attending the Traditional Latin Mass for several years.

Table of Contents:

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Baronius Press Missal
1:52 Angelus Press Missal
2:24 Biretta Books Missal
4:44 Benedictus
5:50 Outro (please like and subscribe)

I hope you find this content helpful!

🔗 Here is a link where you can find the Missal (Latim Mass Companion) by Biretta Books:

Prayer and Productivity
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⁣Do you ever feel lost or confused during the Traditional Latin Mass? Or Maybe a friend or loved one feels discouraged because they keep losing their place when following along in the Missal and don’t feel confident about when to sit, stand or kneel. Also switching back and forth between the High and Low Mass can lead to some confusion, for adults and children alike.

In this video, I will share with you 3 helpful resources for following along and participating in the Mass, with much more clarity, less confusion and a greater appreciation for each part of the Mass.

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Baronius Press Guide for when to Sit, Stand and Kneel:

“Treasure and Tradition” book:

Biretta Books “Latin Mass Companion”- a new, easy to follow missal

Prayer and Productivity
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⁣This is the Morning Offering for those enrolled and who wear the Brown Scapular. A beautiful way to start your day.

The prayer can be found at the following website:

I buy my scapulars from the Sisters of Carmel. The scapulars include a prayer pamphlet with this Carmelite Morning Offering Prayer.

Did you know you also get a 500 day indulgence for every time you kiss your scapular? ☺

Prayer and Productivity
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⁣In this video, I go over several great resources that can help you identify, and overcome your predominant fault. After several years of listening to Sensus Fidelium and Fr. Ripperger, I’m excited to share some of my favorite YouTube talks, books and other resources I’ve found and that I think can help others. Find them mentioned on the video and listed below.

Handbook of Spiritual Perfection:

Chart for the Four Temperaments and the Predominant Faults:

Fr. Ripperger Virtue List:

Sensus Fidelium Talks (on the four temperaments and how they relate to the predominant fault):


Most Sorrowful Heart of Mary, over the course of the next nine-days, I consecrate to Thee my novena made in honor of Your Seven Sorrows. Through the sword that pierced Thine own Heart, please reveal my greatest defect and hidden mystery of (list your own question- area in your life etc.). I also lay before Your Immaculate Heart the following request (insert). I am confident in Your love for me as your child and simply wish to live a perfect life, pleasing to Your Divine Son. I thank Thee in advance for all the graces You are and will bestow on me; and I pray for the particular grace, when this novena ends, to have an eternal devotion to Your Sorrows and invoke Thee in times of joy, as well as sorrow, all the days of my life. When the day and hour comes, for the veil to be lifted, when I see Thee face to Face, I only ask that Thou be the One to present me to Christ the King, when I depart this vale of tears, in great hopes of finally entering eternal life. Amen. (prayed once or several times a day throughout novena- or you can write your own, this is just an example of “formal” prayer).”

Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange:

“The predominant fault is the defect in us that tends to prevail over the others, and thereby over our manner of feeling, judging, sympathizing, willing, and acting. It is a defect that has in each of us an intimate relation to our individual temperament. There are temperaments inclined to effeminacy, indolence, sloth, gluttony, and sensuality. Others are inclined especially to anger and pride. We do not all climb the same slope toward the summit of perfection: those who are effeminate by temperament must by prayer, grace, and virtue become strong; and those who are naturally strong, to the point of easily becoming severe, must, by working at themselves and by grace, become gentle.

Before this progressive transformation of our temperament, the predominant defect in the soul often makes itself felt. It is our domestic enemy, dwelling in our interior; for, if it develops, it may succeed in completely ruining the work of grace or the interior life. At times it is like a crack in a wall that seems to be solid but is not so; like a crevice, imperceptible at times but deep, in the beautiful facade of a building, which a vigorous jolt may shake to the foundations. For example, an antipathy, an instinctive aversion to someone, may, if it is not watched over and corrected by right reason, the spirit of faith, and charity, produce disasters in the soul and lead it to grave injustice. By yielding to such an antipathy, it does itself far more harm than it does its neighbor, for it is much more harmful to commit injustice than to be the object of it.

The predominant fault is so much the more dangerous as it often compromises our principal good point, which is a happy inclination of our nature that ought to develop and to be increased by grace. For example, a man is naturally inclined to gentleness; but if by reason of his predominant fault, which may be effeminacy, his gentleness degenerates into weakness, into excessive indulgence, he may even reach the complete loss of energy. Another, on the contrary, is naturally inclined to fortitude, but if he gives free rein to his irascible temperament, fortitude in him degenerates into unreasonable violence, the cause of every type of disorder.

In every man there is a mixture of good and bad inclinations; there is a predominant fault and also a natural quality.”

Prayer and Productivity
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⁣Looking for good, wholesome Catholic books for your children? In this video I will share with you 4 book lists that I personally use to find books that my children will enjoy.

As a mother of six children that love to read, I want to share the resources that other moms have shared with me over the years, during my homeschooling journey.

At the end of this video I also share two lesser know book publishers that publish some really amazing Catholic books.

Thanks for watching!

Prayer and Productivity
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⁣CATHOLIC VIRTUES Homeschool Curriculum for CHILDREN (Videos make it so fun and easy!)

🙏🏻The BEST WAY to teach CATHOLIC VIRTUES to Children! (Easy, Homeschool Curriculum with no prep)💖

This video is made by a homeschooling Catholic Mom and provides a brief review of the Catholic virtues curriculum and online video series called, Cultivating the Virtues, made by the Dominican Sisters of the Holy Eucharist. It also includes a brief introduction and review of the supplemental Starter Kit.

Below is the link to access the Cultivating the Virtues video series and to access the free sample videos shown in this review.

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