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Mussolini (Part1): An Introduction

116 Views· 06/04/23
Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking
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In History

⁣Frank dives into some of the nuances of Italian history, particularly the era of Mussolini and Fascism.






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pseudonym 10 months ago

That was way interesting. So much I didn't know, and its only the introduction :)

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Lawrence Martone
Lawrence Martone 1 year ago

I have a son who lives in Italy. He told me that it's common to hear people speak favorably of Mussolini. I was suprised to hear that. Now I understand it. Thank you.

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Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking 1 year ago

My brother just got back from Sicily says the same thing, that there's great admiration for The Duce. Often times the critiques that you hear about Mussolini comes from far Left elements in Italy. While he was definitely a fallen man, made some bad mistakes, there was a noble side in which history has failed to recognize.

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