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Meditation on Death Ch 2 The Torments of Hell

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Mediation on DEATH by Tan Books( Book of the Year
By Thomas A Kempis
Translated by Fr Robert Nixon OSB


Hell is something we naturally do not want to think about. This is a trick of the devil. You cannot prepare for something you do not think about. In Hell, there is the pain of fire without the light to illuminate the surroundings, and at the same time, bitter cold with warmth of the fire. The reality of Hell is something we ought to bring to prayer.

Reflection Question

How, then, would it change our attitude towards those disordered desires if we thought of them for what they truly were: temptations from the devil that take us away from the goods God has placed into our lives?

Challenge for the Week

Pray for those who you know living in a state of mortal sin.
Pray that God gives them the courage to live their lives in a way that glorifies Him.

Prayer for the Week

Jesus, help me to not overlook the ways that I have fallen short of your glory. Grant me a spirit of repentance to help me face moments of temptation in the future.

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