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In That Bible of Mercy

33 Views· 04/15/23
Fr. Maximilian M. Dean
Fr. Maximilian M. Dean
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⁣⁣⁣This country/folk song is inspired by the story of St. Domnina who as a girl having learned to read would weep over every page of the Bible as she read of God's love and mercy. She would even sleep with her Bible when she went to bed at night. God's Word is so powerful and continues to transform lives! As my algebra teacher used to say to us about "story problems" - read it, re-read it, and re-re-read it (because most people get them wrong because they didn't understand the problem). May this song inspire you to take up that story of God's love for you, from the first moment of creation through the pinnacle of salvation in Jesus Christ to the Beatific Vision of Heaven.

Music, Lyrics, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Lead Vocals: Fr. Maximilian
Pedal Steel Guitar: Reggie Duncan
Backing vocals: Tim Patterson

Music streaming options: https://songwhip.com/fr-maximilian-m-dean
Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playl....ist/4ELcybsyDahUXu6q

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