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Gloria XI for Sundays throughout the year_1080p

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"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace to men of good will." ~ Luke 2: 14
According to musicologists Willi Apel and David Hiley, the Liber Pontificalis says that Pope Symmachus, around the year AD 510, extended the use of the Gloria [in excelsis Deo] over the entire year, for Sundays and feast of Martyrs. Before this (as well as for sometime after) it was sung as a hymn of thanksgiving at the end of the night office of Matins. While the first words of this prayer are scriptural and from the hymn which the angels sang to the shepherds on the first Christmas night when our Savior was born (Luke 2:14), the rest of this hymn is non-scriptural and in prose. The late Dom Daniel Saulnier of Solesmes (and my former mentor) adds this in his book "Gregorian Chant: A Guide" and translated by Dr Ed Schaefer: "The Gloria, attested in Greek and Syrian sources of the fourth century, may go back to a Greek origin in the second century. The Latin text first appears in the West in the seventh century and stabilizes by the ninth century. ... In the Roman liturgy the Gloria was admitted at first only for the Mass of the Christmas night, due to the appropriateness of its text. Soon extended to the major feasts of the year (by Pope Symmachus as mentioned above), it remained for a time reserved to the bishop. ...After the intonation, the text is composed of two parts: an expression of praise to the Father and one to the Son. The terminating mention of the Holy Spirit gives to the whole a Trinitarian character that does not seem to be early: it was most likely added after quarrels related tot eh development of the dogma of the Trinity."

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