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"Gloria, laus et honor": HYMN TO CHRIST THE KING (Video in Jerusalem)

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Harpa Dei
Harpa Dei
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Harpa Dei sings, in an arrangement of the choir's own, the hymn "Gloria, laus et honor", which is the ancient Palm Sunday hymn sung during the solemn entrance into the church on this feast.
The hymn was composed as early as the 9th century by the French bishop Theodulf of Orleans, and from there it reached Rome, where it became an integral part of the liturgy.
The audio and video recordings were made by Harpa Dei in Jerusalem. The shots show Bethphage, the place where Jesus rode the donkey; the Mount of Olives above Jerusalem, and then the Kidron Valley below the city walls; in other words, the path that Jesus Himself traveled on that glorious day when He was recognized by His people as King and Messiah.

Translation of the song into English:

Glory, honour, and laud be to Thee, King Christ the Redeemer!
Children before whose steps raised their Hosannas of praise.

Israel's king art Thou, and the glorious Offspring of David, thou that approachest a King blessed in the Name of the LORD.

Met Thee with Palms in their hands that day the folk of the Hebrews:
We with our prayers and our hymns now to Thy presence approach.

They to Thee proffered their praise for to herald Thy dolorous Passion;
We to the King on His Throne utter the jubilant hymn.

They were then pleasing to Thee, unto Thee our devotion be pleasing;
Merciful King, kind King, Who in all goodness art pleased.

Download the sheet music here: https://gregobase.selapa.net/chant.php?id=10975
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