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Gay Marriage Not a Settled Law - Ohio Proposes Permitting Public School to Allow Chaplains

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Date – Monday, August 7th, 2023 – St. Cajetan

1. St. Cajetan was born in 1480 in Thiene, Northern Italy, into a noble family.

2. He co-founded the Congregation of the Theatines, aiming to promote the Catholic Reformation.

3. The Theatines lived exclusively on spontaneous alms, showing great confidence in God's providence.

4. The Middle Ages saw the decadence of the clergy due to their attachment to wealth and luxurious lifestyles.

5. St. Cajetan sought to restore the balance between riches and poverty in the Church.

6. The Theatines exemplified poverty even more rigorously than the Franciscans, depending solely on voluntary alms without asking for them.

7. St. Cajetan's religious family brought a stronger example of poverty to the Church, countering the materialistic tendencies of the time.

8. The Theatines' commitment to poverty brought about a renewal of the ideal of poverty in the Church.

9. Divine Providence calls certain individuals to counter-attack the evils afflicting the Church and society, and St. Cajetan exemplified this mission.

10. As Catholics, we are called to uphold the spirit of hierarchy, discipline, and order, just as St. Cajetan took poverty to unimaginable limits.

St. Cajetan, pray for us!

INTRO – Happy Monday

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When someone uses the OH MY GOD statement. I say Praise be His Holy Name. I dare you to say it.

And – at 15 past the hour, Gay marriage not settled Law, California to propose changing constitution

Also – at 30 past the hour, Ohio Proposes Permitting Public School to Allow Chaplains as a Part of Counseling Services | World Youth Day Update

Oh Yeah – at 45 past the hour, Justin Trudeau and Wife Separate After 18 Year of Marriage | President Biden Suddenly Expresses Desire To Meet Granddaughter He Ignored For Years

Plus – in the next hour, Are you ready for St. Michael’s Lent

As always – we have the fear and trembling game show with a prize from

Prayers of Emily Esserman and her daughter Siena

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