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Fatima Souls with David Rodríguez, January 2023

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Fatima Souls
Fatima Souls
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👤Thanks to David Rodríguez for his wonderful presentation.
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0:00:00 - George gives introduction
0:02:00 - David gives self-introduction
0:04:00 - David starts with the 12 major appearances of Our Lady of Fatima ( St. Michael the Archangel in 1916; Our Lady appears six times in 1917, May through October; December 10, 1925 to Sr. Lucia (origin of the 1st Saturday devotion); June 13, 1929 to Sr. Lucia at Tuy, directing consecration to Russia; June 2nd - June 9, 1944 to Sr. Lucia for special graces for her to write down the 3rd Secret).
0:07:45 - David starts explaining the relation of Fatima to God's plan, Church History, and the Gospel
0:09:30 - On the Miracle of the Sun
0:13:00 - The importance of heeding the message of Fatima. It is a message of hope.
0:20:00 - On the eras to come ( the Era of Peace, the great chastisement, the end of the world). How do we know if we are in the time of the Antichrist? On "the end of an age" (past ages and how they relate to our current age).
0:26:00 - What is the message of Fatima in simple terms? How to memorize the message of Fatima using mnemonic devices ("R.C. S.O.S." 1. Praying the Rosary, 2. Consecrating yourself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, 3. Wearing the Brown Scapular, 4. Offer prayer and penance 5. The First Saturday Devotion every month ).
0:34:30 - How the message of Fatima is the "Gospel for our times." history. David starts by reviewing significant occasions of disorder caused by the devil, and how the devil wants to completely invert the right order via revolution, and how Catholics must be counter-revolutionary, to restore the right order established by God. In addition to Our Lady's appearances, 1917 was a pivotal year related to the Bolshevik Revolution.
0:40:30 - What is atheism? What is the great error of evolution? How is this related to the errors of Russia?
0:43:00 - Our Lady of Fatima warned us. Why must we have the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
0:47:00 - How do we know the consecration hasn't already taken place? How do we know we're not already in the period of peace?
0:50:15 - The importance of the right order of God (Disorder in society, monarchy, restoration of one unified Catholic church, the important symbolism of the Consecration of Russia).
1:00:00 - The Kingship of Christ and the need for the state to recognize this (the Lateran treaty and the pope "surrendering temporal authority to the state.")
1:07:00 - The restraining of the Antichrist
1:08:30 - Destruction of Christendom via WWI
1:10:00 - the crown of the Holy Roman Empire exists in the Russian Empire
1:12:00 - wrap-up regarding the segment beginning at 0:50:00: What are those things necessary for there to be peace in the world?
1:14:00 - First question: The name of Fatima, (the name of one of Muhammad's daughters)
1:20:00 - The significance of June 13, 1917 (Our Lady reveals Her Immacualte Heart)
1:22:00 - What is the significance of the date December 10, 1925? (3.5 years, the time when a chastisement is allowed to get more intense).
1:23:00 - The dramatic consequences the world suffered because the French King failed to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1689 ( http://1260.org/Mary/Heart/Hea....rt_of_Jesus_Alacoque )
1:25:00 - December 10, 2025, 100 years since the request for the consecration: Our Lord already reminded Sr. Lucy in 1931 the consequences the French King faced for not heeding His request.
1:28:00 - Were there conselors who encouraged the French king to not do the consecration, similar to what is occurring in the church today?
1:32:00 - Question: Could Russia be acing as a restrainer to Satan, via the last vestige of the Holy Roman Empire?
1:34:00 - How do other nations not mentioned fit into the Fatima message? (e.g., the United States). David relates a quote from Padre Pio regarding the conversion of the United States.
1:36:30 - The encouraging signs towards a more Christian Russia.
1:40:00 - The deception of the "fake Sr. Lucia" and the duplicitous nature of the Vatican's statements
1:49:00 - The relationship between Fatima and the Book of Esther (February 13th)
1:54:00 - Why it's still important to follow the events concerning the yet-to-be-revealed second part of the Third Secret.
1:58:00 - the damage to the faith by the repeated failures to do a proper consecration
2:01:00 - David's take on how people are rationalizing the idea that the consecration has been done, but there hasn't been any miracle or the promised period of peace
2:04:00 - The Gospel passage regarding the duplicitous servant and it's symbolism to Purgatory
2:08:30 - What was the story behind the demonic idol worship in the Vatican in 2019? The devil gets permission from God to wreak havoc on this world according to the gravity of sins committed and the influence and power the person has in this world.
2:14:00 - What is the difference between the Fatima Center and America Needs Fatima?
2:17:00 - What is the importance of the message "In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc."?
2:22:00 - Closing

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