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👤Thanks to David Rodríguez for his wonderful presentation.
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0:00:00 - George gives introduction
0:02:00 - David gives self-introduction
0:04:00 - David starts with the 12 major appearances of Our Lady of Fatima ( St. Michael the Archangel in 1916; Our Lady appears six times in 1917, May through October; December 10, 1925 to Sr. Lucia (origin of the 1st Saturday devotion); June 13, 1929 to Sr. Lucia at Tuy, directing consecration to Russia; June 2nd - June 9, 1944 to Sr. Lucia for special graces for her to write down the 3rd Secret).
0:07:45 - David starts explaining the relation of Fatima to God's plan, Church History, and the Gospel
0:09:30 - On the Miracle of the Sun
0:13:00 - The importance of heeding the message of Fatima. It is a message of hope.
0:20:00 - On the eras to come ( the Era of Peace, the great chastisement, the end of the world). How do we know if we are in the time of the Antichrist? On "the end of an age" (past ages and how they relate to our current age).
0:26:00 - What is the message of Fatima in simple terms? How to memorize the message of Fatima using mnemonic devices ("R.C. S.O.S." 1. Praying the Rosary, 2. Consecrating yourself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, 3. Wearing the Brown Scapular, 4. Offer prayer and penance 5. The First Saturday Devotion every month ).
0:34:30 - How the message of Fatima is the "Gospel for our times." history. David starts by reviewing significant occasions of disorder caused by the devil, and how the devil wants to completely invert the right order via revolution, and how Catholics must be counter-revolutionary, to restore the right order established by God. In addition to Our Lady's appearances, 1917 was a pivotal year related to the Bolshevik Revolution.
0:40:30 - What is atheism? What is the great error of evolution? How is this related to the errors of Russia?
0:43:00 - Our Lady of Fatima warned us. Why must we have the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
0:47:00 - How do we know the consecration hasn't already taken place? How do we know we're not already in the period of peace?
0:50:15 - The importance of the right order of God (Disorder in society, monarchy, restoration of one unified Catholic church, the important symbolism of the Consecration of Russia).
1:00:00 - The Kingship of Christ and the need for the state to recognize this (the Lateran treaty and the pope "surrendering temporal authority to the state.")
1:07:00 - The restraining of the Antichrist
1:08:30 - Destruction of Christendom via WWI
1:10:00 - the crown of the Holy Roman Empire exists in the Russian Empire
1:12:00 - wrap-up regarding the segment beginning at 0:50:00: What are those things necessary for there to be peace in the world?
1:14:00 - First question: The name of Fatima, (the name of one of Muhammad's daughters)
1:20:00 - The significance of June 13, 1917 (Our Lady reveals Her Immacualte Heart)
1:22:00 - What is the significance of the date December 10, 1925? (3.5 years, the time when a chastisement is allowed to get more intense).
1:23:00 - The dramatic consequences the world suffered because the French King failed to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1689 ( http://1260.org/Mary/Heart/Hea....rt_of_Jesus_Alacoque )
1:25:00 - December 10, 2025, 100 years since the request for the consecration: Our Lord already reminded Sr. Lucy in 1931 the consequences the French King faced for not heeding His request.
1:28:00 - Were there conselors who encouraged the French king to not do the consecration, similar to what is occurring in the church today?
1:32:00 - Question: Could Russia be acing as a restrainer to Satan, via the last vestige of the Holy Roman Empire?
1:34:00 - How do other nations not mentioned fit into the Fatima message? (e.g., the United States). David relates a quote from Padre Pio regarding the conversion of the United States.
1:36:30 - The encouraging signs towards a more Christian Russia.
1:40:00 - The deception of the "fake Sr. Lucia" and the duplicitous nature of the Vatican's statements
1:49:00 - The relationship between Fatima and the Book of Esther (February 13th)
1:54:00 - Why it's still important to follow the events concerning the yet-to-be-revealed second part of the Third Secret.
1:58:00 - the damage to the faith by the repeated failures to do a proper consecration
2:01:00 - David's take on how people are rationalizing the idea that the consecration has been done, but there hasn't been any miracle or the promised period of peace
2:04:00 - The Gospel passage regarding the duplicitous servant and it's symbolism to Purgatory
2:08:30 - What was the story behind the demonic idol worship in the Vatican in 2019? The devil gets permission from God to wreak havoc on this world according to the gravity of sins committed and the influence and power the person has in this world.
2:14:00 - What is the difference between the Fatima Center and America Needs Fatima?
2:17:00 - What is the importance of the message "In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc."?
2:22:00 - Closing

Fatima Souls
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⁣⬇Timestamps Below ⬇

👤Thanks to Dr. Mazza for his wonderful presentation.

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0:00:00 - George gives the introduction
00:03:23 - Dr. Mazza introductory statement
00:04:59 - The 3 Secrets of Fatima
00:07:40 - What we know about the contents of the 3rd Secret
00:14:31 - About Sr. Lucia's difficulty in writing down the 3rd Secret
00:19:23 - About 1952 interview with Lucia and the the bearing of the 3rd Secret on the Papacy
00:22:22 - Can Catholics "resist" the Pope?
00:25:20 - On recent remarks by Archbishop Viganò and how they relate to Fatima and Bergoglio
00:34:12 - On Robert Morrison's article in The Remnant regarding holding an imperfect council on the pope
- Dr. Mazza explains the details involved in judging popes ( what is an
imperfect council, how the presumption of innocence cannot apply)
- Dr. Mazza regarding whether or not such a council is needed, since
Bergoglio has already declared himself a heretic by proclaiming heresy (
referring to Sept. 16 statement by several Bishops rebuking Beroglio's
comments on the reception of Holy Communion )
00:52:55 - Dr. Mazza
analyzes Archbishop Viganò's remarks on the Papacy, Vatican II, and the
relation to the vision of the 3rd Secret. He talks about the 2 comments
by Jacinta to Lucia regarding visions of the Holy Father.
01:02:19 -
George asks a question regarding Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi in 1995 and
his comment on the Third Secret (“In the Third Secret it is foretold,
among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at
the top.”)
01:06:03 - Viewer question regarding "St Joseph blessing
the world with the Child Jesus." Please note: Another question from the
viewer was not answered live: "100 year time line for obeying the
request of Jesus to sister Lucia, per history. Would that be from the
miracle of the sun or the visions at Tua in the convent?" This topic was
covered in the July presentation, and the 1 hour, 58 minutes, 30 second
01:09:55 - George and Dr. Mazza discuss the challenges in spreading the message of Fatima
01:13:10 - George asks a question: Why is Benedict doing what he's doing?
- Guest asks a question: What is the Tychonius Hypothesis? What does he
mean when he said "the elect of the church will be driven out?" (
01:32:23 - Guest asks a question regarding Malachi Martin and the
"Judas Complex." (
https://www.catholicamericanth....inker.com/Judas-Comp )
- George comments regarding all of the resources at the Fatima Center,
including "Crucial Truths to Save your Soul," and also plugs Dr. Mazza's
01:43:03 - Guests asks a question: What should we do if it looks like the Mass will become invalid?
- George asks Dr. Mazza his thoughts on the March "Consecration" and
whether or not God was offended by that. Discussion turns towards the
importance of dates, and France and the Revolution (due to a similar
01:52:00 - Closing statement by Dr. Mazza: What should a Catholic do today?

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👤Thanks to Suzanne Pearson for her wonderful presentation.

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- Suzanne, and the early days of the Fatima message. About the
energy and interest in Fatima, and the collapse following the
"anonymous" announcement from the Vatican in 1960 about the
refusal to reveal the "Fatima Secret."

- Transition to the March 25, 2022 Consecration. Starts with a
description of the turnout and how the event felt at the
Arlington Cathedral.

- First question: The Consecration of both Ukraine and Russia.

- Discusses Pius XII Consecrations in 1942 and 1952 about
consecrating the world vs. consecrating Russia.

- How the Vatican is hindering the fulfillment of the Fatima
message & mission by diminishing the grace from the laity.

- The miracle following the Consecration should happen quickly,
as the intention for the miracle is to spread devotion to the
Immaculate Heart of Mary, and if it is late, people won't make
the connection.

- Since the Vatican is doing deviant actions such as suppressing
the Traditional Latin Mass and giving moral support and
encouragement to pro abortionists and other sinful behaviors,
there's not much indication the consecration was valid.

- Pope Francis did not compel the bishops of the world to do the
Consecration, he invited them. Also, there was no official
record, so we have no idea exactly how many took it seriously.

- Even if it was done correctly, there's no reason not to do it
again, similar to how many times the whole world has been

- Transition to the topic of the Third Secret.

- About the "reveal" of the Third Secret in 2000.

- Difference between what the Vatican released and what Suzanne

- Suzanne's explanation for the difference, and what the Vatican
came up with.

- Sister Lucy writing down the Third Secret.

- What happened to the Secret & all of the other documents
Sister Lucy sent to Rome.

- How we know how long the Secret was (26 lines).

- Fast-forward to the Vatican reveal in 2000 - differences in
paper, length, and content.

- Transition to Lateran Treaty connection to Fatima.

- Reasons why our Lady had chosen June 13, 1929 for the message
regarding the Consecration.

- Transition to Blessed Karl's connection to Fatima.

- Pope Benedict XV's plea to Our Lady for peace in World War I.

- Blessed Karl and Vladimir Lenin.

- Comment by Bishop Rudolf Graber of Regensburg

- "The Best Kept Secret of Fatima" by José María Zavala and the
interview with Exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth

- How to deal with all of these terrible things in our present
time: Instructions from Our Lady.

- Transition to discussion between Suzanne and George concerning
the 1960 anonymous announcement from the Vatican, and then about
Sister Lucy being "silenced" following the interview with her by
Father Augustine Fuentes.

- About the theory of Sister Lucy being replaced by a "body
double" following that interview.

- About the "Consecrations" by Pope John Paul II in 1982 &
1984 (and how, in the latter Consecration, he meant to say
Russia, but did not).

- On the 1989 anonymous message from the Vatican saying that the
1984 Consecration must be recognized as accepted.

- Discussion regarding the infiltration in the Vatican.

- Prophecy by Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser several hundred
years ago predicting this.

- John Vennari's book Alta Vendita and the plan for

- Putin's speech regarding the West being no longer relevant.

- Discussion regarding the current situation in the Papacy.

- Question from audience member #1 regarding America Needs
Fatima and their belief that the Consecration has already been

- Suzanne reads a letter from the Fatima Center in 2017
regarding Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, then-Archibishop of
Minsk, Belarus regarding his take on the Consecration and
whether or not he participate if asked to again.

- The Archibishop's recount of his interview with "Sister Lucy."

- Suzanne talks about Roberto de Mattei, President of the
Lepanto Foundation, and his rebuttal to the reports of Sister
Lucy saying she had given her "approval" regarding the status of
the Consecration as of 2017.

- Further discussion regarding Sister Lucy and the body double.

- Suzanne covers the story regarding Dr. Ingo Dollinger and
then-Cardinal Ratzinger.

- George mentions Michael Davies, and talks about how we've
responded to Our Lady's message.

- Fr. Malachi Martin's comments regarding Fatima are brought up.

- Audience member #1 brings up the question regarding the church
going underground.

- George transitions to the discussion regarding Fatima being
private revelation vs. public revelation.

- George asks Suzanne why more Catholic pundits haven't talked
about the lack of fruits from the March 25th Consecration this
year. Later transitions to back-and-forth regarding why nobody
has done the Consecration the right way, and how there's very
poor dissemination of information regarding Fatima.

- Suzanne talks about Fr. Dhanis who fought against the Fatima

- Transitions to talking about Pope Benedict XVI and his
360-degree turn on Fatima.

- Suzanne talks about ways to increase grace for the proper
Consecration, such as two kinds of sacrifices: Offering up, and
accepting what came.

- Audience member #1 talks about issues in the proliferation of
heresy and desensitization to sin.

- Audience member #2 asks Suzanne for her thoughts regarding
Putin and his role in the chastisement. Suzanne also mentions
her thoughts for why Our Lady specifically chose Russia.
Audience member #2 then brings up Russia's role saving
Christianity in

- Question regarding where to find Suzanne's writings.

- Closing statement by George.

Fatima Souls
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8:30 - Dr. Mazza on "What was Benedict XVI doing?" What does Benedict think he accomplished?" He talks about the Peter Seewald interview, and other interviews and statements

11:00 - What are the criterion for being a Pope? Benedict says: the follower of peter is not merely bound to a function (being the Bishop of Rome). The idea that you can have an active Pope, and one which is not.

14:00 - Why he still gives apostolic blessings in his own name, why his title is still His Holiness, why he still wears white and lives in the Vatican.

15:00 - Benedict remains a father in a deep inward sense. Functional vs Sacred.

16:50 - Benedict's statement about the crisis of the Priesthood after Vatican 2.

20:00 - Statements by Archbishop Georg Gänswein, secretary to Benedict.

26:00 - Benedict may have committed a "substantial error" by trying to abandon his office of pope.

29:00 - Quote from Bergoglio about the "papacy being a sacrament." (Not in the literal sense, in the sense of it being of sacramental nature). In other words, the idea that "you can never stop being pope until death."

37:26 - First interpretation - Benedict could resign all public-facing responsibilities, but still be pope. If he believed this, he committed substantial error.

38:45 - Second interpretation - If Benedict thought that by becoming pope gave you a permanent sacramental mission that does not stop by resigning as Bishop of Rome, then you can't resign.

40:00 - This weekend, Saturday the 27th, there will be a consistory (election of new Cardinals) in Rome, something Francis has not had in about 7 years. However, Pope Francis may visit the shrine of St. Celestine. St. Celestine was the first pope in history to resign, and his anniversary of consecration as bishop in 1294 is this Sunday. Dr. Mazza then talks about the history of St. Celestine.

50:00 - Dr. Mazza talks about the history of papal resignations, starting with St. Clement.

53:46 - St. Pontian in the year 235.

56:00 - Pope John XII & Leo VIII in the year 963.

58:00 - Pope Benedict IX and Gregory VI

1:00:00 - Pope Innocent the 3rd in 1198 - quotes regarding the papacy being a sacrament (spiritual message).

1:07:30 - Pope Celestine the 5th's resignation and Pope Boniface VIII.

1:11:00 - Pope Gregory the 12th in the 1400's - three different "popes," a Council was held in Constance in 1417.

1:15:00 - Question, Why is knowing who the Pope is important to my Faith?

1:17:45 - Question, What would be the implications for indefectibility and visibility of the church if Benedict passes away leaving Francis in place for some time? Dr. Mazza mentions Innocent II and Anacletus.

1:19:30 - Question, Would Benedict be the oldest living pope in the history of the Church? Yes.

1:19:40 - Question, If Celestine was wrong about the ability to resign, would not that make Boniface VIII an anti-Pope? If Boniface VIII, then would not his addition to the ability of a pope to resign to canon law be a nullify?

1:20:40 - Question, So if Innocent III taught magisterially that the pope is married to his Office, a bond that can only be broken by death, and then a century later Boniface VIII teaches the opposite and changes canon law, because otherwise, Boniface himself would have been antipope... where does this leave us? Would not Innocent's teaching be infallible as defined at Vatican I?

1:23:00 - Question, If substantial error is a condition for resigning the papacy, would not it also follow that it is a condition for accepting the papacy? If so, and Benedict XVI was in substantial error even before accepting the papacy, would not that mean his acceptance was invalid and ergo he was an antipope?

1:25:00 - George asks Dr. Mazza why Benedict XVI has not put this whole mess to bed by addressing the confusion.

1:31:45 - Question, Bergoglio may not have received permission to accept the papacy from the Jesuit Superior until after his "election," how could he have accepted without the permission?

1:33:30 - Comment, methinks this is step one of the "papal council."

1:33:45 - George asks Dr. Mazza what would a Cardinal intervention look like if they stood up and finally called this situation a schism.

1:36:20 - Comment, The person who commented from 1:33:30 added to their comment, saying "democratization of the papacy."

1:38:40 - Comment, Shia LaBeouf has become Catholic while portraying Padre Pio in an upcoming film. A prayer of thanks for this high-profile witness.

1:39:32 - George comments on modernism and relativism and how Francis is convincing people of new "doctrine," how people don't know their faith, and how people don't know what's going on.

1:42:50 - Sister Lucy and "diabolical disorientation."

1:43:30 - Question, Do you think Canon 185 is being misinterpreted? It clearly seems to put forth emeritus as simply a title and not an office in and of itself.

1:44:30 - George talks about Dr. Mazza's "Pope History" class.

1:46:00 - Transitions to a back-and-forth discussion about Fatima in general, the Miracle of the Sun, Fr. Gruner, and "public prophetic revelation."

1:48:00 - Comment, "maybe we are supposed to be burning (chastisement)." Transitions into discussion about Our Lady's message at Akita, about "the living would envy the dead." Transitions to George talking about the First Five Saturdays.

1:52:30 - Question, "Can we do First Saturdays in a parish location where they are not explicitly recognized during the Mass?" Transitions to discussion regarding the requirements for the First Five Saturdays.

1:57:30 - Question, "What is to argue against a Maccabian-style operation against the Vatican, our church HQ... Is there a reason not to? At this point, what more reason do we need!"

1:58:45 - Question, "To Steel-Man the Argument: What would have to happen, or new evidence would have to emerge, for you to seriously consider that Benedict's resignation might have been valid and Francis could be pope?"

2:00:00 - Closing statement by George: Encourage and support your priests, they are people to, and need it. Ends with a Hail Mary.

Fatima Souls
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⁣⁣ ⬇Timestamps Below ⬇

ℹThis video is brought to you by https://FatimaSouls.com . Please visit our website for the latest podcasts.

👤⁣Thanks to Dr. Mazza for his wonderful presentation. Sign up for classes now at his Website - https://www.edmundmazza.com

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10 minutes – Setting the stage- “Living on Borrowed Time”

20 minutes - “Is Pope Francis the Holy Father?”

30 minutes – The subject of “Scandal” – is it wrong to discuss this if it causes Scandal

38 minutes – Dr. Mazza offers us a preview of his new academic paper

57 minutes – what is “Pope Emeritus?”

1 hour, 20 minutes – Talking about the words in Benedict’s Interview-Book

1 hour, 30 minutes – Wrap-Up Summary

1 hour, 34 minutes - Benedict’s “Spiritual Diary” & the revelation of the Third Secret?

1 hour, 40 minutes – maybe we only have 3.5 years (2025) instead of 7 years until the prophesied coming crisis.

1 hour, 43 minutes – During the canonization of Francisco and Jacinta, Pope Francis said he was the “bishop dressed in white,” what is the deal with that, and what did Sr. Lucia mean when she wrote about that?

1 hour, 49 minutes - Hasn't Pope Benedict XVI already been stripped of his authority in keeping with Our Lord's warning to Sister Lucia of Fatima?

1 hour, 51 minutes - Is it possible that Pope Benedict XVI could be the pope of the assassination "killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him" described in the vision of the Third Secret of Fatima?

1 hour, 53 minutes - To me the Benedict-is-Pope position makes sense but so does sedevacantism. The latter position answers my question about how a valid Pope could call an invalid council. How can I be sure sedevacantism is incorrect. There is not much debate comparing these two positions.

1 hour, 55 minutes - Do you think the "katechon" could be the reservation of some measure of the Papacy by BXVI restraining canonically/legall/juridically the full force of Francis' actions?

1 hour, 56 minutes - Dr Mazza, under your understanding of the current situation, would BXVI have the canonical ability to name Cardinals "in pectore"?

1 hour, 58 minutes, 30 seconds - Why is the date 2029 instead of 2017?

2 hours, 1 minutes - What about the bones of St Peter being sent by Francis to Contantinopole?

2 hours, 3 minutes – Who is the real “Vicar of Christ” if Pope Francis did not accept the title?

2 hours, 10 minutes – The Pastoral Council and the Vatican-Moscow Agreement

2 hours, 14 minutes – Is it okay to attend Mass (esp. Novus Ordo) if the Priest invokes the name of Francis as Pope during the Canon?

2 hours, 22 minutes – If the words of the Consecration becomes deranged and anyhow, with all the banalities occuring at the NO, wouldn't it be better to remain home with our devotions, especially if the Mass in those last 3 1/2 years become invalid? At present I go to the TLM offered in the diocese.

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