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Daily Chaplet to God our Father (Female Voice)

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Opening Prayer
Dearest God our Father, I humbly ask that on my journey home to you, Your Holy Angels protect and guide me; that your Blessed Saints in Heaven intercede for me, and that your Suffering Souls in Purgatory pray for me, as I pray for them now. Amen.

Pray 1 Hail Mary

Jesus, my God and my Savior, You loved me so much, You died for me on the Cross, so that I, too, could return to our Father in Heaven. You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Through Your Holy Eucharist, please sustain me and be present with me on my journey home to You. Amen.

Holy Spirit, my God and my Sanctifier, Jesus sent you to me for my journey back home to the Father. Please purify and refine me. Fill me with your Divine Light and Love so that the Presence of God may dwell with me and in me. Amen.

Pray 1 Our Father

1st Major Octave – The Disobedience and Exile of God’s Children.
Pray 1 Our Father
In Praise I Love Your Father and give myself to You!
In Thanksgiving I Love You Father and give myself to You!
In Offering I Love You Father and give myself to You!
In Repentance I Love You Father and give myself to You!
In my Inheritance I Love You Father and give myself to You!
In Saying my “Fiat” I Love You Father and give myself to You!
In Fidelity I Love You Father and give myself to You!
In Consecration I Love You Father and give myself to You!
Second Major Octave: The Presence of God our Father in The Old Testament.
Third Major Octave: The Fiat of Mary, our Mother.
Fourth Major Octave: The Fiat of Jesus, Our Savior
Fifth Major Octave: The Sending of the Holy Spirit, Our Sanctifier
Sixth Major Octave: The Choice of God’s Prodigal Children to Return to Their Father.
Seventh Major Octave: The Fiat of God our Father’s Children
Eighth Major Octave: The Coming of the New Jerusalem
Closing Prayer: Dearest God Our Father, I love You! I adore You! I worship You! Amen.

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A Chaplet is a Christian meditative form of prayer which uses prayer beads. Some chaplets have a strong Marian element, others focus more directly on Jesus or the Saints. Chaplets are "personal devotionals." They have no set form and vary considerably. In the Roman Catholic Church, while the usual five-decade Dominican rosary is a chaplet, often chaplets have fewer beads than a traditional rosary and a different set of prayers.

This channel was created by a husband and wife team who wanted to compile both common and rare chaplets in one easy to find place in order to fill a gap in the accessibility of these amazing Catholic prayers.

This channel seeks to bring a multitude of different chaplets, in all of their forms, to listeners providing a rich resource of spiritual healing, encouragement, and support for the daily struggles of everyday life.

The channel is designed primarily for listening while in the car, home, doing chores, or while exercising. Video content is intentionally still so as to focus the listener on the prayers and to be compatible with the other activities in which they’re engaged at the time of listening.
Imagery in this channel is intentionally sought to be in the public domain or within creative commons guidelines.

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