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📕 Best TLM Missal for Moms with babies? Baronius, Angelus Press, Benedictus or my NEW FAVORITE ❤️(UPDATED)

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Prayer and Productivity
Prayer and Productivity
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⁣📕 In this video I will share with you several of my favorite TLM (Traditional Latin Mass) Missals, in particular, my top pick for moms with babies and toddlers. I will also give you a look inside these my Baronius Press Missal, Angelus Press Missal, Benedictus and NEW FIND by Biretta Books!

As a brief background, I am a mom of 6 and have been attending the Traditional Latin Mass for several years.

Table of Contents:

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Baronius Press Missal
1:52 Angelus Press Missal
2:24 Biretta Books Missal
4:44 Benedictus
5:50 Outro (please like and subscribe)

I hope you find this content helpful!

🔗 Here is a link where you can find the Missal (Latim Mass Companion) by Biretta Books:


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