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Viral JOY | Michael Hoffman | Episode #074

15 Views· 12/11/23
The BeatiDudes
The BeatiDudes
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⁣Motivational speaker Michael Hoffman shares the fascinating tale about the multiple times he and his family made dance videos in the kitchen that each went majorly viral.

The most popular of these viral videos was performed to the song Hold My Hand by Jess Glenn - - and Michael’s family stopped counting the numbers once they crossed TWO HUNDRED MILLION VIEWS.

As President of Igniting Performance, Michael's extensive background in the people side of business, the psychology of team dynamics, and one-on-one interactions provide a unique platform for the skill sets of influence that EVERY person needs to be successful. Thousands of people have benefited from Michael's messages from his programs Secrets of the 1%er's and Mastering the Tornado Series.

The show starts with Blessed are the Joke Makers Bonus Edition, in which each Dude takes on a different persona to address the prompt, “What priests really want to talk about in their homilies.”

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Christopherus 3 months ago


Blessed Advent to all!

***SPOILER ALERT*** (As always)

I've got a phobia...and the only prescription...is:

1. More cowbell;
2. More BeatiDudes;
3. More BeatiPoints; and
4. A moonlanding.

Congrats to everyone for picking up some points, especially Jeff for the Presidential BeatiPoints.

Season 2 BeatiPoints inherented through Episode S02E24 (Episode 74) of BeatiDudes:
Jeff 462
Paulonius 808
Nick 313 (3 of the points are REALLY BIG!)

Will Hickl 88
Chad Simpson 10

Total BeatiPoints: 1,681
Mean BeatiPoints per Show: 70
Median BeatiPoints per Show: 80
Mean BeatiPoints per Person: 62
Median BeatiPoints per Person: 67

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