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The Virtue of Integrity: 2022 Conference 2 of 3 ~ Fr. Ripperger

7,021 Views· 07/14/22
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2 of 3 conferences in 2022 given by Fr. Ripperger at Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry - www.osmm.org

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Solrac924 5 months ago

Rockefeller's oil products = Petrochemicals:
Toluene, Butanol, Silicones
any ingredient that ends in -propyl
any ingredient that begins with butyl-

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Catholic Arrows
Catholic Arrows 1 year ago

I love it when my mind gets rippergered.

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mmontano4 1 year ago

What did father say at minute 2:29 about Rockefeller using ?? Products ??

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Catholic Arrows
Catholic Arrows 1 year ago

Father is so smart. He knows who runs the show.

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Solrac924 5 months ago

"oil products"...e.g. petroleum jelly

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Catholic Arrows
Catholic Arrows 1 year ago

This is truly enlightening. I LOVE Fr Ripperger. Everyone tries to confuse but he brings clarity.

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Alejandro 2 years ago

Notes on the Virtue of Integrity Conference:

- Topic - what the virtue of integrity is, that we are to develop it, and its importance in understanding whom we can trust.

- Principle of the integral good - a good is from an integral cause, evil from any evil whatsoever. One bad part renders an act bad.
(Judging the morality of an act - object, intent, and circumstances/context).

For example: philanthropy for the sake of turning a profit. Case of the vaccines.

- Principle of Integrity - a single violation of a principle (intellectual or moral), moral precept, or truth renders a person untrustworthy in relation to the principle/moral precept or the truth.

It means that if you lie once, people cannot trust you. If someone catches you stealing, you can't trust that person. This is why you do not allow homosexuals into the Priesthood.

-Principle of evidence - the objective evidence of being is the criteria of the truth of the scent and the motive for a certain scent.

It means the foundation for assenting to the truth is reality. Objective evidence. Whatever is objectively evident is true.

-Foundations Restored - problems with the theory of evolution philosophically, theologically, and scientifically. Excellent 18 lesson course first 2 episodes are free, I can personally attest to its goodness.

- No argument against the evidence. Hallmark of mental illness is a disconnect from reality ('mostly peaceful protests').

- An explanation/hypothesis for it to be true, it must be able to account for all of the evidence. If it cannot do this, it is either in part or in whole wrong.

- The principle of sufficient reason - the existence of a thing is accountable in itself or in another. Layman's terms - you cannot give what you don't have (e.g. faith, $, hope, truth, etc.).

- Truth and apprehending it - adequation of the intellect to the essence of the thing.

- Integral - whole, complete, intact, unimpaired, soundness.
- Integrity - It has all of what its nature requires.

- Virtue of honestia (or integrity) - seeking to do the virtuous, that is the good, in every situation.

- In times past, if you were caught lying once, people knew to not trust you. Until perhaps over time you established trust through constancy in truth again.

Think about this with respect to mainstream news. New York Times, Fox News, CNN, etc. All have lied tremendously throughout the past decades, but specially evident during the last 3 years. They're also all owned by a handful of powerful people. And you might also consider the countless undercover videos by Project Veritas journalists talking with people in these companies where they blatantly admit they're lying and pushing an agenda.

So given all that, why would you go back and take them seriously? Or use them as your primary source of news.

- Truth lies neither in excess nor in defect, but in the mean of our judgment. That is we judge the thing as it is. Turn them off.

- Basic Prudence (foresight) tells you whether you can or cannot trust someone.

- 9 ways that we can be complicit in another person's sins. By: counsel, command, provocation, praise/flattery, concealment, partaking, silence, and defending an evil done.

Examples of concealment: Fauci and beagle dogs experimentation (wicked story, but the fact that it got more attention than the fact that they're responsible for COVID and AIDS which killed/hurt thousands of human beings), Wuhan lab funding, AIDS experimenting, etc.

Example of concealment and defending evil done - George Floyd being hailed as a civil rights hero. When he died after being arrested for trying to pay with counterfeit currency and with what Doctors considered an overdose amount of fentanyl in his system. Also had an egregious criminal background such as robbing a woman inside her home which resulted in injuries to the victim.

'Fact checkers' all over defending against these facts.

Other examples: voter fraud in presidential elections (concealment), lying about inflation rates, and changing definitions (e.g. recession), Bishops caught lying and doing evil acts, etc.

- Continuing to watch the news after discovering they've been gaslighting you for years is to live in a sort of Stockholm Syndrome (feelings of affections kidnapping victims develop toward their kidnappers, also happens in domestic abuse situations. Similarly, happening in a mass scale.

- Mass formation psychosis - disconnect from reality, and being led around by the nose by leaders to do evil things. Even when people are presented with evidence that opposes the view they've been told to believe by leaders/media (all forms) they do not believe it.

Remember as Catholics we do not believe emotions are bad in and of themselves or that we need to suppress them like the stoics. In fact, emotions are good when properly ordered by reason through virtue. That is consequent emotion (desirable) vs. antecedent emotion (undesirable). Demons can use the latter to lead us into sin. But it can also just be a result of our concupiscence from original sin or personal sin.

- In the Middle Ages, most Catholics probably did not know who the Pope was by name. Nowadays, we know whether he sneezed or not. Shut it off. Learn your faith. Develop a stronger prayer life and make progress in the spiritual life (root out mortal sins/venial sins/defects, grow in virtue, mental prayer, etc.).

- Steps to deal:
1. stop listening to them or at the very least develop a system to sift through it.

2. need for serious reading (virtue of studiosity vs sin of curiosity) - electronic media amnesia. You need media fasting in order to be able to focus.

3. Detachment. You don't need to know about Depp's marriage, etc.

4. Learn more about your faith. If you haven't yet, read the Catechism Explained by Fr. Spirago. Or Catechism of the Council of Trent. Read your Bible. Develop a solid prayer life: mental prayer, Rosary, frequent examination of conscience.

5. No priest or politician is coming to save you. Do the work, carry your cross. Depend on grace, humble yourself. Ask God to enlighten your intellect, and strengthen your will.

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