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The Spiritual Combat by Lorenzo Scupoli (Summary+Review)

44 Views· 09/24/22
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"The Spiritual Combat" is one of the most popular (and best?) Catholic books of all time. It contains general advice for all Catholics and explains in what the spiritual combat consists/ what Christian perfection is.

Read the book online for free:
English: https://stjudetheapostleparish.....org/pdf/books/spiri

German: http://www.kath-zdw.ch/maria/d....er.geistliche.kampf.

Listen to the book online for free:
English: https://youtu.be/4FSX5PRF3O0

Rating system:
10/10 breathtaking, must read
9/10 really good
8/10 good
7/10 good (maybe not for everyone)
6/10 and less: I try to read good books lol so that rating should not occur

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Image source: https://www.amazon.de/Spiritua....l-Combat-Dom-L-Scupo

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Vishimax 21 hours ago

Very useful. Planning to buy this or use the online link to read this

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