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The Mass of the Ages Never Gets Old

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Sensus Fidelium
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⁣For the revolutionaries…for those who are change agents always seeking progress…Gregorian chant becomes a dated form of music…a medieval way of worshiping, instead of a lasting treasure of the Church of Rome. Latin becomes a dead language as opposed to the language of worship for the eternal city of Rome. The old, backwards morality is now a dead letter for those who embrace the modern spirit and a more modern version of the Decalogue that’s more relative and subjective. Age old doctrines must evolve and catch up with the progress of modern scientism. Again, we’re told that the Church cannot go backwards. As someone once observed, it true that you can’t metaphysically go back and re-live the past. But it is also true that you really can’t go forward either and live in some progressivist future. One can only live in the present moment holding to the patrimony passed down to us and organically adding interest to that inheritance as we pass it down to our children. We are being told that those who hold to Tradition…that those who cling to the Traditional liturgies of Rome, are infected with a nostalgic disease, as if such persons were purely homesick, sentimentalists who long for our high school days or live only on the memories of our past. For those who make such claims, the ancient Latin Mass and the traditional sacramental rituals and blessings are the equivalent of vinyl record albums of Bill Haley and the Comets or 8-track tapes of Captain and Tennille or a like a ’57 Chevy or a collection of old baseball cards. But our clinging to Traditional liturgies is not nostalgia, because I never had a memory of it. I never experienced it as a youth, for my liturgical inheritance…my patrimony as a Latin Rite Catholic, had been taken away from me. I have found something new and refreshing…something vibrant and alive…I have found the Mass of the Ages…the Liturgy of the Saints…the most beautiful thing this side of heaven.

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