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The Lords prayer in aramaic

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Harpa Dei
Harpa Dei
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aboon dbashmayo
Our Father who art in heaven,
nethkadash shmokh
Holy is Thy name.
tethe malkoothokh
Your Kingdom is coming,
nehwe tzebyonokh
Your will is being done
aykano dbashmayo
on earth as it is in heaven.
of bara‘o hab lan lahmo dsoonkonan
Give us bread for our needs day by day.
Yaumono. washbook lan hawbayn wa htohayn
Forgive us our offenses
aykano dof
as we have forgiven our offenders.
hnan shbaken lhayobin oolo ta‘lahn lnesjuno
Do not let us enter into temptation.
elo faso lann men beesho
Deliver us from evil.
Metool di lokhee malkoutho haylo teschebohto

eL a’olam a’olmeen Amin
We learned this prayer sung in Aramaic from a Syrian bishop in Jerusalem. We recorded the video in the house of St. Mark in the old city of Jerusalem. We used the Western Syriac Aramaic dialect, the one used by Syriacs today in their liturgy.

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